Thursday, May 3, 2012

NEW RULE: Stupid people are God's way of pointing out who is evil.

Rule #13: People who are stupid should be avoided at all costs. We're not talking about people with legitimate mental disorders, or who have weird little quirks like they can never spell "white" correctly, or they have a mental block against alphabetizing. We are talking about idiots like the people in the example below. If you are just now realizing that hot water mixed with cold water makes warm water, please excuse yourself from our presence immediately, or gain a new understanding of evolution.

Caity:  oh my gosh people are stupid
             I just heard a guy telling another guy in the break room that he discovered something about the water dispenser
           "if you mix the hot and cold in a cup then it's warm"
           WHERE AM I
Caity:  I SHOULD
me:  It's not even murder. It's Darwinism
Caity:  exactly
            or karma

Just. Wow.

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  1. Dear authors of pants optional,
    It is now May 29th, almost the end of the month, and I have realized that you have only posted once for the entire month of May. You are failing me.
    Your ONLY loyal reader,
    M Louie