Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caity and Alex Discuss How Crappy Wednesday Is

Caity:  I'm not feeling funny at all right now
I just got SO tired and sleepy
and bored
Alex:  gosh me neither
i have absolutely nothing
yesterday we were on FIRE
Caity:  We totally were
it was magical
Alex:  it truly was. i miss yesterday.
Caity:  yesterday was the best
Alex:  gosh why does today suck so hard
it has sucked since my alarm went off
Caity:  samsies.
nothing redeeming about this day at all
pro: watching LG after work. Pro: pi party tonight. Con: pi party tonight
pro: I don't want to go to the store after work so I decided to order pizza and have it for lunch for the next three days
Alex:  definitely a pro
pro: i'm doing pilates after work with the work girls. con: i'm doing pilates.
pro: i'm hanging out with bree after work tonight
con: i can't watch lost girl OR american idol
so really that's just a con
Caity:  yep that's a huge con
dang girl
look at  you
Alex:  i know right
i hate it
i'm breaking two of our rules in one day
although i'll be having froyo for dinner
Alex:  super FRO
Caity:  add that to the list of acceptable dinner options

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